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 In effort to achieve and maintain customer's confidence in BICARA SEPAKAT SDN BHD, we provide a management system that toward the following goals:


Fulfills customer's satisfaction by providing the best services and works that follow customer's need.


 Fulfills the society general requirement in health, safety and environment.


Meets the code and ethic for quality in national and international level.


Continue to proliferate quality management system's effectiveness.


 We will achieve the objectives by ensure all team and part in organization are involved in quality management activity and attain quality standard that require in their work.






 We are really emphasize health and safety issue and also protection to environment. As we concern about our product quality, this element is one of important thing in our company operation. It is very important for us to prevent any accident, preserve the environment and protect our workers, customers and so on from injury. Hence, it had turned into our social responsibilities for engineering company like us to fulfill all of these elements in order to raise fully trust from customers and society. To fulfill this objective, all officer and employee are directed to carry out the respective duty based on following policies:


 1) Safety and environment protection


 We give fully effort to ensure health, safety and environment are protect in every level of research and development, designing, acquiring and complete each relevant project which then submitted the final result that able to operate well and have high value of safety to customer.


 2) No accident and injury


 By controlling the environment and ensuring workplace in safe condition and prevent all risk of accidents, we have giving fully effort to reach zero or no accident occur in any situation.


 3) Environmental protection


 We have giving fully effort to minimize and maintainance the residual wastes so that environment can be preserve and at the same time can save the natural energy resources in order to protect environment.


 4) Compliant rules and laws


 We are compliant all the rules and laws about health, safety and environment.


 5) Education and training



We provide education and training regarding to health, safety and environment to our employees and those who are dealing with us to implement the relevant work efficiently and while promote awareness on the importance of health, safety and environment.


 6) Continuous improvement


 We organize and apply all safety aspects in company management system for each level of operation, besides protecting the environment and also improving our quality and standard constantly in our company.


 BICARA SEPAKAT SDN BHD ensure all officer and employee comply the policies above.




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